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FitStream has been designed
to be very easy to use.

Watch our tip videos and enjoy your drinks fresh wherever you are.


Cut the ingredients into small pieces (about 1,5 cm pieces) to achieve a perfect result. Always start by adding liquid (such as water, milk or juice). This will make blending easier. Once the liquid has been poured, add the ingredients to the rest of the drink up to 60% of the bottle volume, close the bottle, press the button and blend.


For maximum performance, you can run the FitStream upside down and allow the blades to reach their full speed before blending. Your favourite drink will be ready in seconds

Blade jamming

If the blades are stuck, simply turn the blender upside down, give it a quick shake and switch it on. Then turn it back on so your ingredients hit all 6 blades at full speed.

Do not overfill

Never fill the FitStream to the top of the jar with ingredients. It's not Superman 🙂


Cleaning is easy. Just pour water, add a drop of detergent, run and rinse

Not dishwasher safe

Never put the blender in the dishwasher, but clean as instructed

Continuous red flashing light

When the FitStream needs to be charged, the light turns red. Charge the blender via the included USB cable with any mobile phone charger and the light will turn blue when fully charged.

Blue flashing light

Let the blender rest before further blending cycles.

Red and blue flashing light

A red and blue flashing light indicates that the container is not aligned with the base. To correct this problem, screw the container clockwise into the base until the arrow on the container aligns with the arrow on the base. For safety reasons, there are magnets on the jar that must be aligned or the blades will not spin.

Do not run on empty

Do not run the FitStream on empty to avoid damaging the blender motor. Always blend the contents with liquid.

Magnetic safety lock

For safety reasons, there are magnets on the cup that must be aligned or the blades will not spin. This protects the user from injury and is also an indicator of a properly tightened bottle from which nothing will spill.

Do not mix with open bottle

It is dangerous to mix with an open bottle or to put anything into it while mixing. Caution! Injury may occur.

Hot liquids

Do not pour hot liquids above 40°C into the FitStream as you could damage the device.


The FitStream is also powerful enough to make ice cubes. Just add a little water and it can handle the ice challenge with ease. 🙂

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