Fitstream | Roasted cashews and almonds with chilli (200g)
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Roasted cashews and almonds with chili (200g)


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Do you like roasted nuts and would you try them in combination with chilli? If you answered yes, then try the tasty roasted cashews and almonds with chilli from our offer.

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Almond and cashew kernels 98%, sunflower oil, chilli, sea salt
8 (nuts)
AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL VALUES PER 100 g Energy 3471 kj / 826 kcal
Fats 62,70 g
of which saturated 8,50 g
Carbohydrates 23,70 g
of which sugars 7,00 g
Fibre 31,10 g
Protein 28,20 g
Salt 1,07 g
Packing weight 200 g
Recommended storage in a dry place at a temperature of 18-22°C and a relative humidity of no more than 65%.
Recommended consumption the date on the packaging
Made for Fitstream s.r.o., Valentiniánova 8, 851 10 Bratislava
Country of origin Spain






Overview of use

If you live healthy and want to be FIT, you don't have to limit yourself in salty snacks. If you choose the right ones, they will not only taste good, but they will also be nutritious, healthy and the whole family will love them. Rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients and everything your body needs are roasted cashews and almonds combined with chilli. They are one of the healthiest nuts that have a positive effect on your body, brain and mind, muscles, bones, joints, teeth, nails, hair, skin and even your psyche. Just one tablespoon of cashews and almonds added to your diet can improve your concentration and memory.

Great composition

This product contains up to 98% almond and cashew kernels, also sunflower oil, high quality sea salt and of course chilli. In a 200g pack you will find a great nut taste. Anyone who likes interesting flavour combinations with chilli will appreciate it.

Snack for every day

If you are one of those people who need something salty as a snack every day, then roasted cashews and almonds with chilli are perfect for you. The nuts will fill you up, curb your cravings for unhealthy salty snacks, you'll eat a lot less of them than you would chips or salty bars, and you'll feel so much better because you're giving your body a healthy and balanced meal.


Suitable as a gift

If you have someone in your neighbourhood who loves nuts more than chocolate, for example, you can delight them with roasted cashews and almonds. This product not only has premium ingredients, but also a beautiful packaging design. And that's why you don't have to be afraid to gift roasted cashews and almonds with chilli instead of a candy or a bottle of wine, with which you will definitely score a hit.

Excellent replacement for pills

If you are one of those who suffer from frequent cramps in the legs, arms, or any other muscular area of the body, then there is a time to throw away all the tablets and replace them with a natural ingredient. Cashews in particular contain a lot of magnesium, manganese and zinc which act on the crampy area. By eating cashews regularly, you can relieve them.

Reduce high cholesterol

If you are on the verge of high cholesterol, then we have a healthy and effective remedy for you in the form of roasted cashews and almonds with chilli. Yes, it is cashews and their regular consumption that have a positive effect on getting rid of the 'bad' cholesterol and replenishing the 'good' cholesterol needed. Chilli supports the whole process of cholesterol removal even more.

Reduce the risk of heart attack

Incredible as it may sound, the risk of a heart attack can be largely eliminated by eating good quality nuts such as almonds and cashews. Not only do they maintain the health of the heart, but also the cardiovascular system and can protect the body from a possible heart attack.

Improve skin and hair

In case you have brittle hair or have noticed skin deterioration, treat your body to cashews. The essential fatty acids, which are their main ingredient, moisturize the skin from within and protect the skin from aging and various skin damages.

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