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Do you have a fast pace, are you busy and don't manage to have a balanced meal during the day? We've created a quick recipe for you that contains all the ingredients you need to keep you energised. We've added orange to it, which not only gives us vitamin C, but also folic acid and potassium. Strawberries also contain vitamin C, plus they have antioxidant properties. A banana will give us energy and iron, magnesium and calcium will be replenished by a local superfood: poppy seeds. Top it with cashews, which are full of healthy fats and protein, and you have a drink that will keep us well fed 😋.



  • 100 g fresh or frozen strawberries (raspberries)
  • 1/2 banana
  • juice of 1 large orange
  • 100 ml of water
  • 1 tablespoon cashew nuts
  • 1 tsp poppy seeds


Start with the liquid ingredients, add the banana, strawberries, cashews and poppy seeds and blend until smooth in a blender FitStream PRO.


Instead of fresh or frozen strawberries you can use our freeze dried raspberries and you can also choose cashews from our selection Natur nutswhich also includes almonds and peanuts.

Nutritional values

Values per serving
Calories 214
% Daily value*
Total fat 6,4 g 8%
Saturated fat 1,1 g 6%
Sodium 5 mg 0%
Total carbohydrate content 38,5 g 14%
Fibre 6,5 g 23%
Total sugar 25,3 g -
Protein 4,6 g -
Calcium 125 mg 10%
Iron 1 mg 8%
Potassium 565 mg 12%
* % Daily Value tells you how much of the nutrient in a meal contributes to the daily diet. 2,000 calories per day is used for general nutritional advice


Get inspired by tips and tricks from a nutritionist. He creates healthy and interesting recipes for you, conveys important information about a healthy lifestyle.

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